Friday, January 30, 2015

Keepin' on building

First post for the new year, and something new. I have recently been working on a Baldwin Steam Tram Motor in N scale, the chassis, which I initially had a go at in printed circuit board turned out to be a bit of a failure, so I reverted to my usual methods of using brass with bearings and whipper pickups made from Phosphor Bronze. A Caramel N motor is used with gears from a Life Like switcher bogie used to transmit motion to drive a single axle with side rods being used to transfer power to the other set of wheels.

I have also completed models of:

3229 - with 6 wheel tender

3229 was inspired by a photograph in Train Hobby Publication's book "Central - The Steam Station" and the tender is fairly unusual in that the hungry boards are flush with the tender sides. Archer Fine Transfers form the rivet detail and the motor is mounted in the tender with a shaft across to the engine.

5278 - Standard goods with etched turret tender

The engine was scratchbuilt and the tender was an etch already completed which I merely made a chassis for with Kato Caboose bogies fitted for smooth pickup. The motor is mounted in the smokebox and the worm is just visible above the centre drivers.

3044 - C30 Tank Engine

My second build of a 30 class tank, this time without headlight.