Saturday, November 22, 2014

A 73 starts to look like a 73 and a 32 is painted

I have done some more work on my 73 class project, adding some more details. Just about to move on to the handrails, which is a little bit scary. 

Above you can see how bland the loco looked compared with adding a few extra details, such as window framing which help to create the "73" class look. 

I have sprayed my pair of 32s, 3214 and 3390 (not shown) once a bit of time is allowed for the paint to cure I will begin final assembly and testing. Tamiya flat black was used, Testors Gloss coat applied prior to fixing decals and Dullcoat was used to finish. 3214 has a little bit of red along the footplate to jazz it up a little. It was very tempting to spray one of them Crimson like 3265 is at the moment. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

For the Rivet Counters

The rivets have been added to the pair of 32s and they are just about ready for paint. The rivets are Archer Fine Transfers decals, available in N scale in various sizes and have been applied straight onto the bare metal. I think they are quite effective at representing the lines which are very hard to replicate by pressing in this scale, lest you distort the rest of the panel you are trying to press rivets into. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Detailing and Guards Vans

My pair of 32s are ready for weight and balancing prior to applying Archer rivet decals before it is time to paint. I could add some more pipework and wiring, but in N scale it may just get lost under the paint job. Here are a few views of details added since my last post. 

 I have also made a few guards vans lately from scratch out of styrene using layers laminated together with the windows being drilled and cut with a knife prior to laminating. It worked fairly well I think, windows are Mircoscale Krystal Klear and there is a passenger in the LHG (upper photo) for added interest. In the lower van it was difficult to get the bogies to swing without fouling the underframe wire detail so some of it got cut.