Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finished Models

The other day some time was taken to properly photograph some of the completed models I've made. 

1301, lined up as the "Vintage Train" locomotive. The 13 is scratchbuilt from brass, with driving and bissel wheels turned down from Fleischmann offerings, Gopher Models wheels are used on the pony and Railey Paint was used to finish.

1948 is modelled from brass, nickel silver and a bit of phosphor bronze. It is very low geared so it can crawl, does make a bit of 'noise' though, nevermind. 

The 20 class is brass with Fleischmann wheels, turned down to size, a very good runner.

The 79 Class shunter is a lightly modified Bachmann 44 toner, with paint stirred from a mix of Humbrol Crimson and Tamiya Hull Brown (I think). Z scale couplers were added to finish.

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