Friday, November 16, 2012

A recent scratch building review NSWGR Z19 Class

Stone Station Building

The finished freelance stone station - complete with garden.

NSWGR Brass Z19 Class

A Badgerbits Brass etched chassis forms the basis of this model, shown in its development in the following photos. A brass diesel bogie was taken for the gear box and Fleischmann wheels were used following turning down to a finer profile. 

Following assembly of the frames and soldering the bearings the wheels were tested for fitting and free turning. 

The near complete chassis is shown with rods attached, the rod pins are turned down nails. 

Testing the chassis with tender, no pickups had been installed at this stage. 

Progress is made on the footplate and cab, note another footplate in the foreground. Several were made at the same time because I intend on making multiple Z19's to various eccentricities, a Baldwin Tender version will hopefully follow...

The boiler with smokebox and firebox wrapping being soldered on. The boiler itself is brass tube with bolier bands turned into the side on the lathe. 

Soldering the splashers on was fairly straightforward, 
phosphor bronze for the splashers and nickel silver for the footplate. 

The largely completed footplate with cab and boiler fitted. Note the excess solder around the smokebox wrapper. 

Fabrication of the tender was difficult in respect to the coal bunker rails, soldered using a wooden jig with slots for the brass wire to ensure similar spacing, the excess wire was trimmed down at the ends and soldered as necessary. 

The largely complete body of the loco. 

Detail largely complete nearly ready for the paint shop. 
Note that more wire detail is yet to be added to the tender. 


  1. I love this .... really nice to see Aus NSW N gauge steam so beautifully crafted .... Brilliant !!!!!!

  2. Kudos! i love the level of detail and overall feel of that model, etchings looks great. Greetings from a Danish N scale entusiast