Friday, September 19, 2014

From 1855 to 1970 in N scale Engine Number 1 to a 73 class Chassis

First up, a project that has been sitting on and off the back burner for a while. Locomotive Number 1, with Fleischmann wheels on the loco and Kato GS4 spare part wheels on the tender I have made up the tender sides and soldered them on to a piece of PCB so that the body is insulated from the chassis. The footplate base (1st layer) has been cut out for the loco out of nickel silver. Plenty more work to be done.

The pair of 32s have had their chimneys and domes turned up and attached to their boilers and handrails added. I need to get some more wheels prior to making up pony trucks and now the detailing begins!

Next up is a project I have wanted to start for years, a 73 class shunter. Following ill fated bidding on an old kit on ebay I bit the bullet - build it myself and to proper bogie spacing so a Life Like switcher has donated its bogies and a piece of PCB cut out to frame them as a chassis. A Badger motor provides power.

Here is the completed chassis. Phosphor Bronze wipers have been soldered on to provide some suspension and power pickup and the thing runs quite nicely considering it hasn't had any ballast added to it.

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