Friday, February 21, 2014

NSWGR Z19 and Z12's - Finishing off one thing and starting another.

Z19 paint job and a pair of Z12's

It's been a while since an update but below the series of photos should tell the tale:

The Z19 - 1957 painted plain black and lettered and the finished product below:

After dreaming about it for years I finally have got around to it - scratch building a pair of Z12 class locomotives in N scale. To simplify the construction of the duo I decided to make duplicates of all parts and put them together at the same time. 

The frames soldered and screwed together to permit accurate drilling of the axle holes and the material for the rods. 

1 frame side cut out prior to joining showing the detail cut out with a jeweller's saw.

Below is one of the frames being screwed together with turned spacers. The 12 BA screws were used to hold the frames as they were set up before being finally permanently soldered together. Note that the bearings have not yet been inserted into the axle (bearing) holes in the frames. 

The two locomotive chassis following assembly - the front wheels are from Gopher Models and the driving wheels are Fleischmann wheels with turned down flanges. 

The locomotive takes shape as a tender is added to complement the engine frame. 
Body work added following lots of fiddling around with bits of brass and nickel silver. Note the loco tilting forward due to the engine being nose heavy. The motor is mounted within the smokebox.

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